Hawaii Divorce Records

How To Access Hawaii Divorce Records

The Hawaii State Department of Health, Office of Health Statistics, has divorce records on file for issuance from July 1951 to December 2002. Outside of those dates, Hawaii divorce records are available through the Hawaiin Circuit Court in the location where the dissolution of marriage was granted. Rather than waiting for in person or mail order copies of a Hawaii divorce record, using a professional records search service is a popular and fast alternative.

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Contact And Fee Information For Hawaii Divorce Records

Currently, the fee for Hawaii divorce records set by the Department of Health is $10 per certified certificate copy and $4 for additional copies of the same record ordered at the same time. The divorce record copy fees for the courts vary depending on the particular family court. Both in person and mail order service for ordering a certified copy or copies of a Hawaii divorce record are usually available from both the Department of Health and the circuit courts. However, even in person service may take 10 working days and this also involves returning to pick up your requested divorce record copy or copies.

The long waits and excess forms are why many people prefer the time saving option of ordering and a Hawaii divorce record online. Our authorized, professional online service helps many people locate Hawaii divorce records in the same day, in many cases. Our secure, convenient service is accessible 24/7 and our simple, yet effective form helps to ensure accuracy. Fill out the form in the box appearing on this page to access the divorce record you need.