Delaware Divorce Records

How To Access Delaware Divorce Records

In Delaware, divorce records are issued in the form of copies of the decree. A divorce decree outlines the court ruling of the rights and responsibilities of each party. The decree includes the case number and date of the dissolution of marriage as well as the terms of the divorce agreement. Decrees are typically several pages in length. The family courts in Delaware’s three counties issue divorce decrees and copies of these documents.

In person service for divorce records requests is available at the county court offices. Mail requests are also accepted. A faster, much more convenient way to receive Delaware divorce records though is online through a professional record service. We, as professional divorce records providers, have a secure, hassle-free form right on this page to help you quickly get the information you’re seeking. Just fill in the form now to get started.

Contact And Fee Information For Delaware Divorce Records

The current fee set by the Delaware courts for a certified copy of a divorce decree is $4. An informational, or non-certified copy of a divorce decree is currently $1. Certified copies are given to authorized agencies or legal representatives as well as the persons named on the decree. Non-certified, or informational copies, contain the same information, such as the case number and terms of the divorce ruling, but they are not printed on official paper or permitted to be used as identification or as legal proof of the dissolution of marriage.