Connecticut Divorce Records

How To Access Connecticut Divorce Records

The Connecticut Department of Public Health, State Vital Records office in Hartford does not maintain or issue divorce record information. Instead, the Superior Court does keep and issue Connecticut divorce records. If you know the county in which the divorce was granted, you can contact the Judicial District Courthouse of the Superior Court in that area.

But, an ideal alternative to waiting for Connecticut divorce records through the mail or in person is to use a professional, online vital record search service. As authorized Connecticut divorce record providers, we obtain official records from all county Superior Courts. By using our secure, convenient search form on this page, it’s often possible to get instant results for the Connecticut divorce, or dissolution of marriage, records you’re seeking.

Contact And Fee Information For Connecticut Divorce Records

The fees for divorce record copies in Connecticut vary depending on the county. They are relatively quite small though. For example, for many Connecticut county Superior Court office locations, the per page copying fee for divorce records is currently $1 per page, with another $2 for certification.

Certified copies of Connecticut divorce records serve as legal proof of the dissolution of marriage for reasons of court settlement claims, remarriage or an application for benefits. Filling out the search box on this page will help us meet your specific divorce records retrieval needs, so get started now for the fastest results.