Colorado Divorce Records

How To Access Colorado Divorce Records

Access to Colorado divorce records is mainly limited to the individuals named on the documents and their legal representatives as well as other authorized agencies. When requesting your record of a divorce that was granted in Colorado, it is necessary to include your reason, whether it is to obtain a certified copy of the certificate for legal purposes or to confirm that the dissolution of marriage was recorded in the state. The state office of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Vital Records Services provides verifications of statewide divorces as well as certified copies of dissolution of marriage certificates.

Both mail order and in person services are offered by the state office, but a quicker and more convenient way to obtain your offcial Colorado divorce record is to work with us. As an authorized provider of official Colorado divorce records obtained from the state office, we offer the 24/7 service that the state office cannot. We will guide you through the process to help you find the exact record of a divorce granted in Colorado. Just start filling out the secure search boxes you see on this website.

Contact And Fee Information For Colorado Divorce Records

The current fee set by the Colorado Department of Public Health for a certified copy of a divorce certificate is $20. The amount is subject to change. By law, the fee must still apply to the records search if the record of the divorce isn’t found. If the record is located, the $20 fee includes one certified copy of the divorce certificate.

The Colorado Department of Public Health, Vital Records Section, also offers divorce verifications for $15. This fee does not include a certificate since the service provided in this case is to only confirm the existence of Colorado divorce records on file statewide.