Arkansas Divorce Records

How To Access Arkansas Divorce Records

Divorce records from a dissolution of marriage that occurred within the state from January, 1923 to the present are maintained by the Arkansas Department of Health, Vital Records. This state office also issues certified copies of divorce coupons, but not certificates or decrees.

Arkansas divorce records in the form of coupons contain basic information such as both names of the divorced persons, plus the date and the county where the divorce was granted. Since they are certified, Arkansas divorce coupons usually may be used as legal identification such as to apply for benefits, or for lawful proof of dissolution of marriage when remarrying. The divorce coupon is the lower, removable section of the certificate. A divorce decree is the court ruling that outlines the rights and responsibilities, or terms, between the divorcing parties.

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Contact And Fee Information For Arkansas Divorce Records

The Arkansas Department of Health, Vital Records, currently has the fee for a certified copy of a divorce coupon priced at $10. By state law, the fee must be applied to the search whether or not the coupon is found. If the divorce coupon is located, a certified copy of this record is included. Otherwise, the search fee is non-refundable.

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