Alabama Divorce Records

How To Access Alabama Divorce Records

Alabama divorce records can be accessed through any county health department. Most county health departments in Alabama issue copies of divorce records while you wait. In Alabama, access to the records is mostly unrestricted, but a fee as well as the required information must be included with your request.

You may want to access Alabama divorce records to do a background check on yourself or others. Doing a self background check that includes getting a copy of your divorce record can help you make sure that your publicly accessible data is correct. Others may conduct a background check on you and having incorrect information may affect your life negatively. If you know exactly what your records show, it puts you in control.

You can also take control by doing a dating background check on someone you’ve met and hope to have a long term relationship with by verifying a divorce this person told you about. Also, you may require a certified copy of your Alabama divorce record before you can apply for a marriage license if you remarry.

Contact And Fee Information For Alabama Divorce Records

The $15 fee for Alabama divorce records requests includes a certified copy of the dissolution of marriage certificate if the record is found. If the record isn’t found, a “Failure to Find” certificate will be issued. The fee is non-refundable in any case as it covers the search. If your divorce certificate is found and you would like extra certified copies, these are charged at $6 each.

Cash is accepted for the payment of fees in person, but not through the mail. A check or money order should be made payable to the State Board of Health.